We have germination!!



Borage and nasturtium.

Borage and nasturtium.

on May 25th I planted 24 pepper plants, (corno Di toro, marconi, jalapeño, poblano and Hungarian black.) I planted them in peat pots and placed a heating mat underneath them, because everything I read said that peppers need fairly warm soil to germinate (85 degrees!) much warmer than the ambient temperature in the room I have them in. Well, the heating mat seems to have one the trick, because 5 days later, most had sprouted! I also planted japanese eggplant seeds and those too have sprouted.

I also planted some some borage and nasturtium seeds.  Borage is a lovely herb with beautiful blue flowers that attracts pollinators like crazy.  My borage last year got gang banged by bees all summer long. The flowers and leaves (when young) are edible and taste of cucumber. They look beautiful in a salad. I also planted nasturtium which are my absolute favourite flower. I love the hot jewel toned shades of the flowers, and the lily pad like leaves are so unique and pretty.  Pollinators also love them, and they are said to repel pests.  Flowers and leaves of nasturtium are also edible and have a delicious peppery flavour.

I’ve also planted 48 tomato plants, in 10 different varieties. Those haven’t come up yet, but I’m anxiously awaiting that first green sprout to break through.

in another couple weeks I’ll plant my cucumbers, squashes and melons.  They only need to be started 4 weeks before you put them in the ground.

In the mean time, I have one hell of a cleanup job to do in our backyard. It’s only started to warm up enough to start working. I tried taking this week and some of the leaves were still frozen to the ground. Tomorrow is supposed to be warm and Friday as well, so I’m hoping to get busay cleaning stuff up and getting my beds ready.

This will be a busy weekend. We celebrate both Easter and Passover and they both fall on the same weekend this year. Looking forward to spending time with family, and eating some of my favourite foods.  Wishing you a happy holiday, if you celebrate!

~Jude 🙂




Hi there! My name is Jude and I love to garden. Truth be told, I barely know what I’m doing, but I try to fake it until I make it.

I’ve always had an interest in growing food, mostly because I’m super into cooking and eating, and there truly is no comparison between grocery store produce and veggies you grew yourself. I also love the work involved, the nurturing of the plants and fussing over them, to finally be rewarded with something wonderful and delicious. And unique! There are so many possibilities in interesting varieties of veggies you can grow yourself. So so so much more than what you can buy at the supermarket. My three year old daughter, Ruby, still talks about the purple pole beans we grew last summer and insists we have them again this year.

Speaking of kids, I should mention that I’m 7.5 months pregnant. I’m expecting our second daughter the week after our last frost date. A week after our big planting weekend. Why would I undertake a big garden when I’m expecting a newborn?

Our first daughter was born in January of 2012. We lived in a townhouse in a neighbourhood that wasn’t exactly easy to get around outside on foot. There was nowhere really to walk to. Not many parks or green areas to hang out. I experienced some pretty crappy post partum depression for the first four months, and I attribute at least some of that to the fact that it was the middle of winter, and I was trapped in my house. This baby is due end of May and we now live in a lovely house with a big garden. I’m planning to use my garden as a great reason to spend a lot of time outdoors, getting lots of sunshine, being active, and really soaking up the vitamin D.

This year I will be starting seeds in my home, which is something I’ve never done before. I’ve always bought young seedlings from the garden centre or just direct sown seeds that can go straight into the earth. Starting your own seeds gives you a world of choice, as most seed companies have so many more options than what you can buy as seedlings at a garden centre.

I have 9 different varieties of tomato seeds. Tomatoes are my favourite crop to grow.

New things I’m trying this year are peppers,  Tromboncino squash, eggplants, watermelon, patty pan squash, and all new tomato varietals. I’m also going to try to grow beets again. I have tried to grow beets several times, and have only ever been successful at growing beet tops. A root never forms. This year I’m starting them a fair bit earlier hoping it will make a difference. Jerk beets.

Ive got my seedling trays planted and now we wait for germination! And once those suckers sprout, I’ve got a fancy new grow light system set up to make them strong and happy.  I’m excited to see how it all turns out!